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Return Policy

Product Returns:  Customer shall examine all Products upon receipt and shall notify Xerox, as specified herein, of all discrepancies and refusal to accept delivery of purchased Product.  Such notice shall be reasonably detailed and explain the discrepancy or why the purchased Product was refused.  If Customer does not give Xerox such notice as stated herein, Customer agrees that such Products have been accepted by Customer as of the date of shipment and proof of delivery in the form provided by the carrier to Xerox shall be considered conclusive.

Returns Process:  At Xerox, we value our relationship with you and want to make sure that you are satisfied with your purchases.  Under our return policy, Products may be returned to Xerox by Customer only by following the below process:

Basic Customer Requirements. 

The Customer must:

  • Obtain a Return Material Authorization (“RMA”) from the Xerox eStore through the “Write Us” portal or by sending an email to USA.Xerox.eStore.Customer.Support@xerox.com.  RMAs are issued at Xerox’s sole discretion.
  • Provide your Invoice/order number.
  • Provide the reason for the return.
  • A RMA has a useful life of 20 calendar days from the date of issuance.  Xerox must physically receive the Product return within that 20 day window.

Products received by Xerox:

  • without a valid RMA on the shipping label, or
  • in an unsuitable condition for resale (excluding defective Products), or
  • beyond the 20 day limit are considered “Overgoods” (Overgoods are unauthorized returns) and will be returned to the Customer with a charge to the Customer’s credit card account for the return shipment. 

If the Customer refuses the return shipment of Overgoods from Xerox, or returns the Overgoods to Xerox a second time without Xerox’s approval, Customer agrees to relinquish all rights and waive all claims against Xerox for return credit on the items.

Xerox reserves the right not to authorize the return of Products that are no longer in production or being produced by a manufacturer or publisher that:

  • is insolvent
  • has declared bankruptcy
  • will not accept returns from Xerox

RMA categories:  The categories under which a Product may be returned are:

    1.    New and Unused Products
    2.    Defective Product
    3.    Damaged Product
    4.    Billing or Shipping Discrepancies

The foregoing categories and return processes are more fully described below.

New and Unused Product Returns.  New and Unused Products are defined as:  New unopened items in their original packaging.

  • A RMA number must be obtained from Xerox eStore within 30 calendar days after delivery.
  • Xerox will examine the return to verify the Product’s new condition.
  • A 20% restocking fee will be charged for all new and unused Product returns

Defective Product Returns.  Defective Products are defined as:  

Products purchased from Xerox eStore that are inoperable or do not function in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification AND are covered under the manufacturers warranty.

  • All defective returns are subject to more restrictive manufacturer return policies if any.
  • Customer may request an RMA from Xerox eStore for defective goods within 30 calendar days after delivery.
  • Upon receipt of the items Xerox may test the item and will return any Product found not to be defective to the Customer at the Customer’s expense.
  • On verification of the defect, Xerox may, at Xerox’s sole discretion, either:
    • Ship the Customer a replacement or,
    • Provide a credit equal to the lesser of either the Product’s invoice price, or current replacement value, less any applicable fees or charges.
  • Xerox reserves the right to require the Customer to return the defective Product directly to the manufacturer for replacement according to the manufacturer’s defective product policy.
  • Xerox is not obligated to repair, replace or issue credit for any Product rendered defective because of catastrophe, electrical surge, power failure, improper use, environmental extremes, improper use, maintenance, or use of improper parts.
  • Customer shall bear all risk of loss when returning defective Products.

Damaged Product Returns.  Damaged Products are defined as:

Damaged Product returns are only for Products purchased from Xerox eStore and damaged in transit.

  • Customer shall refuse to accept any Product delivered in (obviously) damaged condition from the carrier
  • If the Product is received by the Customer and found to be damaged the Customer shall inform Xerox eStore as provided above and request an RMA for the damaged Product’s return within 3 business days of receipt of the Product.  Failure to so notify Xerox and request an RMA within the 3 business day period is deemed acceptance of the Product as of the date of shipment.
  • On verification of the damage, Xerox will ship the Customer a replacement.

Billing and Shipping Discrepancies.  Billing and Shipping Discrepancies are defined as:

Products purchased from Xerox eStore that were invoiced or shipped incorrectly and includes:

  • Lost shipments
  • Short shipments
  • Wrong sales
  • Wrong shipments
  • Pricing / invoicing errors

Customer may request a RMA as provided above for a verified billing within 30 calendar day of the relevant invoice date or a RMA for a shipping discrepancy within 30 calendar days after delivery.